Saturday, February 21, 2009

UPDATE on Religious Renaissance

Hey, guys. So far, I have gotten 6 people to participate in the Religious Renaissance. You can look at the last post for details, there's also a video about it on my youtube channel princelordchris. The video is called Renaissance, and it's featured, so it won't be hard to spot. But there is a new development. I have decided to keep the Religious Renaissance open through the spring and until the last day of summer. I will cover other topics on the blog and youtube during that time, but as the pieces of art come in, I will make videos directing people to your sites. Every year, The Religious Renaissance will be open from the first day of spring until the last day of summer. This will give all who wish to participate plenty of time. So don't feel as if you have to rush, I will direct people to your art as it comes instead of trying to get everyone bunched in all at once. So don't worry, if you participate and notify me of your work, you will be recognized. I also explain why I think the Religious Renaissance is so important in my video on youtube.

Blessed Be.