Monday, April 13, 2009

Paranormal Investigations

Hi, Guys,

So sorry that I haven't posted any new topics lately, but I haven't been getting many people to comment. Hopefully this one will. I have always said, "Never send a whimp to do a Witch's job. In other words, never hire a paranormal investigator." I mean, what's the use in going in search of something only to run once you find it? Witch's never run, Wiccans never run, we are not scared of anything. So, in this discussion, I want you guys to tell me about any paranormal experiences you have had and what you did. This can include anything paranormal or supernatural, like ghosts, demons, even mothman if you've encountered him. I really hope that you guys will post to this discussion much better than the last few. Please help me keep the blog going through your support with comments and discussions.

Blessed Be.