Friday, May 22, 2009

In Defense of Azrael

Azrael is the angel of death whom I have worked with in some exorcisms, and he is my guide in finding and booting out lost souls and spirits. He appeared to me as a beautiful white angel while in meditation to find protective spirits; he did not appear as the grim reaper as many depict him. But there has been debate over Azrael’s status, Angel or Demon? So in this article, I will discuss some facts about the legend of Azrael and why I do not believe him to be a demon or evil by any means.

I think the reason people have depicted Azrael as evil is simple. Humans in general are scared of death. It is perhaps the thing we fear most. And so it’s easy to label what we fear as “evil,” and at that point we would surely label the angel of death as even more evil, perhaps even a demon of Hell who will come to bring this dreaded death which is the end of life. But in the facts of Azrael’s story, he came to Earth to help save souls from Hell, and he guides souls from this realm to the next.

But wasn’t Azrael kicked out of heaven?
Actually no, he was not forced to leave heaven. He never did the things that Lucifer did. He decided that he could do his job better as an independent, and so he left heaven out of his own free will. However, he did not stop loving and serving God, and he continued to have relations with great angels like Saint Michael. There’s a big difference between leaving on your own and being kicked out. For example, you can leave your parents house simply because you feel it’s time to move on and be on your own, but it does not mean that you hate your parents and will be in rebellion against them. Lucifer was kicked out by force because he dared to make war on God for control of heaven. Azrael simply left home to be on his own.

Isn’t Azrael an ugly, evil-looking skeleton?
Legend has it that only bad or evil people will see him this way. But those who are good and have lived a good life will see him as a beautiful angel who has come to help or take them to a good afterlife. I myself have acquired the help of Azrael while in meditation and, as I previously stated, saw him as a beautiful white angel. On another note, just because you see Azrael does not mean you or someone you know is going to die. He may be there to teach you something or to help you. Some say he is a very good, wise and powerful guardian to have at your side. Furthermore, Azrael can take on many other forms; some have seen him in the form of a female angel.

What is Azrael’s purpose?
Azrael’s purpose is to help guide souls from one realm to the next. From my research and dealings with the angel of death, he can also free you or your house from hauntings by lost souls and spirits, or ghosts as they are called, for Azrael is the rounder-up of the dead. There is no need to fear him, he will not harm you. According to legend, the only time you should fear him is at the end of an evil life.

Isn’t Azrael often seen in black and depressing clothes and surroundings?
I have seen pictures of him as an angel with black wings and black surroundings, but what you must realize is that black does not always mean bad. One meaning of black attire at a funeral is to mourn, and Jesus said, “Blessed are those who mourn.” Witches and Wiccans also wear black not because it represents evil but because it absorbs energy. Black can also symbolize mysteriousness and being sophisticated. I think one of the worst stereotypes we have in modern day religion is that black means bad or evil, and it certainly does not.

Where does Azrael’s loyalty stand?
If he has any as far as heaven or hell is concerned, I would definitely say that his loyalty and service still lies with heaven and almighty God. I would also say that his relations with angels like Saint Michael is a good sign.

Azrael is not a demon or a consultant of Hell. The only time he appears as such is in the movie Dogma, which is basically a parody of the Bible. In fact, Azrael ventured into Hell to rescue souls; he is merciful. Even after he left the kingdom of heaven out of his own free will, he kept serving the highest Lord and held his relations with other angels of heaven. According to Azrael’s story, there is no reasonable evidence to suggest that he is a demon and/or an enemy of God or heaven. And the reason humans see him as otherwise is because we fear death as evil. But Azrael set out to teach people to not fear death as it is nothing more than going to another world.
Prayer to Azrael for exorcism of haunted areas:
O’ Azrael, the blessed angel of death, glorious and wise, defender of the good human soul, see me now in my time of torment and great need. Come down and snatch all lost souls and spirits that now seek to terrorize and haunt me, and cast them into the afterlife so that they can no longer fill me with fear. Blessed Azrael, please hear me, come down in my defense and round up the lost souls who have passed on from human form and dare to defy you by staying on this realm with evil actions. Azrael, deliver me, please hear me! This evil that now plagues me and my home, the souls of the departed, come and scare them away forever and ever. Amen.