Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good and Bad Faeries

I covered this topic recently on my youtube channel, PrinceLordChris, and I am surprised at the people who whink that faeries are demons and are all bad because they can trap and kill humans. This is a fallacy. Just as in all other things, there are good and bad faeries. I think that most of the people who teach about faeries will tell to tread lightly around them and stay away from the bad ones. They do have a distrust of humans and even a negative outlook towards them because of what humans have done to this Earth, we have destroyed it and just like many animals who must retreat after their habitats are destroyed, so have the faeries as their forests are clear cut and their nature areas are polluted. How could you think highly of someone who came and destroyed your home and polluted the places you held sacred?

The bottom line is that faeries will treat you well if you treat them the same. Show respect and show that you are different than the average human being, becase as a WICCAN, PAGAN, or WITCH, you are different. We can harness the power of nature and restore its glory, which is one reason why the faeries love us. :)

Blessed Be.