Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SEX at Beltane!

Hey, guys,

Beltane is almost here and I've seen Wiccans and Pagans make videos and discussions on the sexuality of the time which is the key to fertility and life. Sex symbolizes the rebirth of life. Sex is sacred to us, I think that's where we differ from religions like Christianity. They practically fear it and we hold it as sacred and the building block of love and life on Earth. I now have an understanding as to why our society is so afraid and ashamed of sex, which is ridiculous. The Bible teachings still have a strong-hold on the minds of many people, but that number is becoming fewer and fewer as we discover that to want things like sex does not mean you are evil or filthy, but just that you are human and you enjoy sex. God said to do great things and have sex anyway.

To say that you don't want sex, would not have sex and do not think about sex, would be to say that you are not a human being, which is ridiculous. No amount of words in a book will change that. Sex is anything but wrong as long as it happpens between two consenting adults. As a friend of mine once said, "Sex feels too good to be bad." We were put here to enjoy and love life and eachother, so take advantage of that. I think that one of the biggest problems and downfalls of our society is that society practically teaches people to be ashamed of being human. I think that sex also symbolizes freedom. Be free and tend to your sexual desires, love eachother. Show people that they don't have to be afraid of being human, that they don't have to live in misery just because a book said so.

Sex is also a critical bond in relationships. I have had several since graduating high school, they all ended but one was unique. All of my other relationships had good and even great amounts of sex, and when the relationships ended there was crying and pain. But in my unique relationship where there was no sex because we didn't have time to spend together, the bond just faded away into nothing. We cared for eachother, but there was no pain, tears, hatred or anger at the end, it was like it had never even existed. We had no sex life, and the effect was that our relationship ceased to exist as if it had never been there. I remember all of my other girlfriends, but not her. A good sex life is essential. Oxytocin and Basopressin are brain chemicals released during sex that creates a bond between the two of you. To me, Sex is very scared. It's an exciting and beautiful thing you share with someone you're drawn to, and you'll never forget it.

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Blessed Be.