Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Power & Conviction in Spells and Rituals

I have found that some Wiccans practice rituals and spells in a steady, low tone of voice. I do not think that boring words or actions grab the attentions of the divine, the spirits or the magick within you. I feel that in general we need to start putting more power and conviction in our words, for words are powerful. So the next time you hail to the guardians of the watchtowers, yell it and declare it with all the power that rests inside you, and perhaps you will get a better reaction. If you send the divine a 2 cent prayer, expect a 2 cent answer. I think that we get out of our magick what we put into it. I also feel that speaking with power and conviction shows your faith and love in the Gods. I believe that you have to want that magick from the divine and yourself. You have to speak as though you believe, not like you're unsure or bored. Remember this the next time you do a ritual or a spell. Be proud to be a Wiccan, there's a lot to be proud of.

Blessed Be.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Mixing of Pantheons

I have found that this tends to be a heated debate among some of the Wiccan and Pagan community, even though mixing Pantheons is a common practice in Wicca. I can see where the opposition is coming from in the sense that they believe it to be disrespectful to use bits and pieces from religions and not use all of it. But what they fail to realize is that no one follows every single thing of any religion. For example, is a Christian honestly going to try to follow parts of the Bible where it says to kill anyone who works on Sunday or who believe in different Gods? I think not. Are all of the women preachers going to follow I Corinthians 14:34-35? Obviously not. So we all pick and choose what works for us and what does not. In Wicca, we know that what may work for one might not work at all for another. And so, I think that we should draw from practices and beliefs in religions that connect with us and that we can work well with. I have mixed Pantheons, and I have not felt any bad energy from the Gods for doing so.

In Wicca, there is a belief in a God and Goddess. But the reason there are no specific names for those deities is because God and Goddess is different to each individual. To me, Goddess may be Mary. To you, Goddess might be Athena. So it's what or whoever you believe to be God & Goddess. I have yet to see a spellbook or any Wiccan or Witchcraft book that does not mix Pantheons. I was reading a spellbook recently which taught how to dispel a Ghost, and it suggested calling on Anubis and Hermes. These are different Gods from different Pantheons. And these are acceptable practices in the Wiccan community.

It is also very difficult to find a religion that did not borrow from another one anyway. The best example I can give is Christianity. We Wiccans & Pagans know that Christianity would have no foundation had it not drawn so much from Pagan cultures. As an example, the eating of bread and the drinking of wine to symbolize the body and blood of Christ was originally an Egyptian Pagan practice where they ate wheat bread and drank beer to symbolize the same of Osiris. And I am sure there are other Wiccans and Pagans who can tell me of Pagan religions that borrowed from other Pagans.

Another perfect example, I think of mixing Pantheons in the Wiccan community is the Goddess chant. It calls out to Goddesses from many different Pantheons. Some believe that the Gods and Goddess have always been the same deities, just with different names. For example, some believe that Artemis and Diana are the same Goddess, just with different names, and I also believe they are one in the same. I think that no matter which name we choose, we are calling to the Gods and Goddesses. What do you think?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Returning for Blogging

Hey, everyone,

Many of you may know that I left youtube recently, and for good reasons. I simply have no desire to be on youtube anymore. I would rather blog and go out and do things with the Wiccan and Pagan communities. So just know that I am back here on my blog and I will post new discussions regularly.

Thank you so much for your support. By the way, don't hesitate to comment on older posts.
Christopher Aldridge.
Blessed Be.