Monday, April 13, 2009

Paranormal Investigations

Hi, Guys,

So sorry that I haven't posted any new topics lately, but I haven't been getting many people to comment. Hopefully this one will. I have always said, "Never send a whimp to do a Witch's job. In other words, never hire a paranormal investigator." I mean, what's the use in going in search of something only to run once you find it? Witch's never run, Wiccans never run, we are not scared of anything. So, in this discussion, I want you guys to tell me about any paranormal experiences you have had and what you did. This can include anything paranormal or supernatural, like ghosts, demons, even mothman if you've encountered him. I really hope that you guys will post to this discussion much better than the last few. Please help me keep the blog going through your support with comments and discussions.

Blessed Be.


  1. I have had many paranormal encounters. The most recent and fresh was when my daughter started crying upstairs, so I went to check on her. She said "Who's that?" pointing behind my shoulder from her crib. I was alone in the room, so this freaked me out a little. She said she wanted her ba'{bottle}, so I tried to find it. With no luck I turn on the light, and my two friends and my daughters father came up to help me look for it. It was NOWHERE. Then suddenly, in front of all four adults, and my laughing daughter, it FELL into the middle of the room. Needless to say, we were amazed. We had pulled furniture out looking for that stupid thing, and then it appears out of thin air. My daughter slept like a baby after that, even though I didnt, lol.

  2. Paranormal experience is a widely used term for many different things. What is described above is just one type. I am an empath and have been what you would call psychically attacked a few times. This can come in many forms. What I have learned is to embrace energy for waht it is and learn to center and protect. Sometimes energy just needs to be recognized and then cleansed. Other times there are more definitive rituals that can be performed but fear only envokes fear so when we experience a fear reaction it is imperative to protect ourselves first. )O(Soul Survivor)O(

  3. Most of the calls I get for haunting over the years actually turns out to be either bad feng shui (discordant energy trapped in the home) or simply echoes of the past, not actual hauntings. I find the whole fascination with paranormal ghost hunting kind of strange these days. But I guess its like Victorian seances. Nobody seems to want to go further into the mysteries once they have had a paranormal experience, and the obesession becomes capturing the experience with a recording or photo. - Christopher Penczak

  4. I have had several encounters with spirits or entities. These all happened either in my own home or at my place of business.
    My house is about 130 years old and back 'in the day' there were several deaths and wakes in this house.
    Each encounter I had carried a message or there was a reason for it. I even had a small boy show himself to me, which really frightened me at first.
    I haven't heard or seen anything in a while, which makes me think they are at peace.
    I do miss them.

  5. This is Christopher Aldridge.

    I will go ahead and tell of one of my paranormal experiences. Many people know that St. Michael is one of my guardian angels, keep that in mind as you read.

    My house is almost 100 years old, and many negative things have gone on inside it. I have been haunted many times, and I believe it is by my dead uncle who died in the house. According to family, he was very mean, and I sleep in what use to be his bedroom.

    Not too long ago, I woke up in the middle of the night, and I saw before me a black eye and a depressing figure that kept coming at me. Each time I would push it back, I fell into a dream sequence.

    The last time I fell back into the dream, I was surrounded by white light and under my right knee I had the spirit pinned down. With my left hand, I raised my sword high, posing just as St. Michael when he pins the devil under his feet.

    I at first hesitated, showing mercy, but eventually I stabbed the spirit and it vanished. Since then, I have had no more hauntings. I think I finally beat him.

    Christopher, host and creator of The Wiccan Blog.

  6. Hello. I've had a few paranormal experiences of note. One specifically I talked about today. I did a faerie calling ritual with my coven and faeries actually showed up! If you want to see the ritual, watch my ostara video.

  7. Hello everyone, I've had several paranormal experiences. I have seen a ghost, that was back in 1997, my fist and only one in Old Town Alexandria VA on King Street. I saw a figure standing right next to me at night when I was setting the alarm at my work. It was wearing period attire, or possibly civil war clothing. We looked at eachother and then he turned down the hallway and walked away. I was so frightened, or perhaps startled, I couldn't remember the alarm code.

    I am a believer but it kinda creeps me out sometimes.

    Last year, I was living out in VA near the Bull Run battlefields, outside of old town Manassas.
    One night at about 4am, I awoke to hearing heavy footsteps in my attic. I was awake until daybreak.We didn't have flooring in the attic. The footsteps stopped right over my bed. It was heavy footsteps like something was wearing boots. My husband nor my three dogs woke up. That scared my the most. It was only me who heard it? Why I wondered?

    Then there was the time not long before we moved out when I got home about 9:30 at night, I was by myself, unloading groceries. I walked in the house and heard a very distinct, "hello". I responded by saying hello back. Then I proceeded to look out my kitchen window towards the neighbors house to see if there was anyone outside. To my surprise there wasn't. The "hello" I heard was as clear as day but sounded like all the hellos you here in Ghost Hunters a.k.a. Taps program on Sci-Fi. Nobody was home at my house at the time.

    I think there are things our there that we can't explain and maybe don't want explained to us. Sometimes you should accept the strange and unexplainable and not delve any further into it. Maybe things should just be left the way they were/are.

  8. ok that was a test
    I lived in a haunted house 4 14 years
    and all kinds of paranormal things occured n this place. such as doors moving on there own and even door knobs and locking at times.All this seemed almost everyday stuff so I somehow never remember ever thinking it was odd i just thought it was just stuff that happened in some homes didn't give it much thought at all
    One night when i was 11 i woke up and standing in back of the bed was this bluish aparition of a mid-aged female just looking at me. She seemed serious but calm i was not frightened but i poked myself and rubbed my eyes and face 2 make sure i was awake and i was and i thought "wow this is awesome" and i just laid there looking up at her and not thinking much but whether what if she disappeared and she did drift off eventually and turned in2 this orb of light that i sometimes would c off and on around the house spectral orbs as ive done my research about ghosts. I then drifted off 2 sleep and went 2 school that day i remember it being a wednesday in 5th grade i beleive it must've been 2001 or 2002

  9. Twice I have dreamed about deaths which then occured.