Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Fairy Scrolls: My Fairy Experience

Hey, guys, I guess this is a good time for me to start the first discussion called The Fairy Scrolls :). I have a feeling that this Wiccan blog will contain many magickal experiences from people. Mine is not that spectacular with fairies so far, but I have read sites of other people, such as this one: And I am sure there are many other Wiccans with fantastic tales. I use to be worried that people would think of me as crazy, but I know I'm not. I know they're real, and so do many others.

We Wiccans know that dreams mean a great deal. When I first became a Wiccan back in 08, I decided to seek out some magickal guardians and protectors in meditation to the Astral Plane, and I found fairies. I felt such a strong connection with my first companions, (although I later became befriended by St. Michael and Azrael), and that night I had a very realistic dream, a dream that I had never had before or since in my 23 years of life at that point.

I was on the bottom floor of a building that was always crumbling apart, but there were no walls so I could see the outside light around me. I found that the floor was actually a church and I walked down the aisle to an altar where I saw dozens of the charming creatures fluttering. I kneeled before the altar to notice that they had red wings. Since that time, I have always felt them with me, but I have yet to re-visit them in meditation or in nature. But I plan to, and I will post it.

Feel free to comment and leave your own experience.


  1. Merry Meet
    I haven't had many experiences with the little people. I do dream walk as often as I can, but seem to be having a little trouble. I have only astral projected twice and couldn't control it and am trying my hardest to "create" that feeling again. Know anything that might help? I am not Wiccan; I do not like to label myself as any one thing as I am into too many things at one time. I wish you all the luck in your journey and the brightest of blessings.

    Blessed Be

  2. I would suggest that you keep practicing the meditations, you can only get better and be able to better master your mind the more and more you practice. Believe in yourself and your ability to produce magick.

  3. People will probably think I'm full of shit for saying this. As a person who believes critical thinking and religion are not and should not be mutually exclusive, I would probably think I was full of shit too. The first Spring Equinox Ritual my coven and I ever did together we did a fairy calling. This spell was very successful and we saw what we can only determine were fairies.

  4. I've never seen either ghosts or fairies (that I know of--yet!) But I have been helped out by angels a couple of times--they saved my bacon. And I have "seen" and felt some pretty strange thought forms when I was doing psychic channeling.

    Also, I rarely remember my dreams, but this one time I was starting to spontaneously astrally travel, and my astral body was "stopped short" by a huge bookshelf bolted to the wall above my bed. I think I was scared I'd hit my astral "head".

    I did recently find a book called "Faery Magick" by Sirona Knight that looks pretty good though.

  5. When I was a little girl, I went to a family reunion where I white cat was there, which is my totem. I picked it up and played with it, and my dad took a picture of me playing with it. In the picture, you can see little kind of translucent faces in it that look like angels, and little outlines that look like fairies. And the film could not have malfunctioned like that.

  6. I was probably about five years old, right before my first day of school. My mother had gotten me a new little Strawberry Shortcake{You know, the ones that actually smell!} and I whanted to take it to school with me the next day. I threw a fit because I couldnt find it. But that night, I felt something small kiss my cheek, and I was frightened{I had just seen Gremlins for the first time} And there was my doll! But holding the doll was a girl that looked alot like me, but not. She seemed to glow, and smelled so much better than my doll! She smiled, and flickerd away. Weahter a fairy or not, that was my 'little person' experience.