Friday, January 16, 2009


Hey, guys, since there's now a few people following this blog, I think it's time for a new discussion. I want you guys to tell me about your most successful spell. You don't have to reveal its secrets, but just tell what it was for and how well it worked. Be sure to leave your marks and histories wherever you can. After we're gone, it'll still be there for people to read and think about who we were.

I'll have to think about which one I'm going to tell, but you guys can go ahead. This discussion will stay open until February 1st, 2009.

Prince Christopher.

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  1. Hi Chris, well, this showed up on my Google Reader as already read, even though I haven't read it. Kinda odd--I think I have a huge amount of feeds on my reader, so it might be making it wonky.

    As far as successful spells go, I've never actually written any spells (I may in the future--I've only been Wiccan for a couple of years.)

    But I do have what I would call a charm that Spirit gave me one day while I was out walking.

    I call this "The Walking Charm"--you'll soon see why.

    What you do is anytime you are out walking, and you feel you need a little magickal "oomph", be it protection, creativity, what have you, get a little song going, or a chant, or humming, or sing a favorite song from the radio, whatever the case may be that makes you feel good, it doesn't have to be loud, it can be under your breath, or even just focusing on your breathing.

    Do this for a little while and allow it to mentally relax you.

    And then, as best you can without getting hit by a car, imagine a ribbon of light and color coming out of your mouth, or the top of your head from your crown chakra, the color can be any you think appropriate.

    Visualize the ribbon spiraling around you and eventually going all the way down to your feet, enveloping you in light, color, and energy.

    It's a neat way to sneak some meditation and peacefulness into a busy day, and it's customizable.