Friday, February 27, 2009

Let's Talk about MAGICK!!!

Hey, everyone. I know I've been a bit off topic in terms of the purpose of my blog lately, and I apologize for that. I am pleased and grateful for all of the followers and supporters I have. This post will have three topics, you can comment on either one you want, or all of them if you wish. I also wish to know if you guys are recieveing notifications when I post a new topic, so please tell me in your comment.

The first topic is on inner magick. What I mean is how do you feel day-to-day inside? Are you like me and can feel the magick stirring inside you, just waiting to accomplish something great? Tell about it. Do you use magick in your everyday life? If so, tell of your success with it.

Second topic, have you ever seen supernatural things about people that are usually not seen, such as auras? Do you have times like me when you dream things that come true and have natural instincts that tell you when and how something will happen and then it does? Do you think we are psychic?

Do any of you know about any past lives you may have had? I can always feel as if I use to be someone else. Someone great, but I cannot place my finger on it yet. But I would love to hear what any of you may have to say.

Blessed Be.
Courage and Honor.


  1. I feel my 'inner magick' everytime I feel or hear the wind blow. Day in day out, weather warm or cold, I feel my magick grow to its fullest at sunset everyday. I have to go out in it. If I dont do something before I go to bed, I seem to have a magick overload.. Good thing though about that is when I wake the next day, all I see are smiles all around me. In a way, I think my personal overfilled energy spreads out into others. I have always thought of myself as an impath. Sometimes I can change someones mood if I 'feel' it is not a good one for them. But I also become affected by it as well. I seem to be able to just see who someone is by 'feeling' someone out, do you get that? Blessed Be )o(

  2. Interesting questions!

    My inner magick comes "alive" when I see beauty, mainly in nature like flowers or sun sparkling off the water. When I see beauty, I know the goddess is showing off her beauty and reminds me of how deity plays a part in my life.
    For me, I can see Auras. I have since I was little, and I've kept it all these years. I've been trying to strengthen it because I just barely see color. Most of the time I can see energy around people, but the most psychic feeling I have is empathic. A person's emotions just seem to take me over just by sitting next to them. However, this gift has lead people to come to me for their many problems. Its hard because it drains your energy if you use it too much >.<
    I had a past life reading once. My reader told me that I had once been a ruler or leader of some kind that everyone turned to. There was one time though that I turned someone away and regretted it even into my current life. Thats why I feel the need to accept and listen to everyone in this life because I feel that I have a debt to pay for my actions. I thought it was a cool theory.. -shrugs-
    Anyway, thats my response.
    With love and light,

  3. I am school I would be asked a question and I would suddenly say the answer out of a gut feeling. These gut feelings have lead me away from very dangerous people and situations that other people wouldn't normally have been able to walk away from. I would get gut feelings to react to someone in a certain way and things would always turn out right. I have also been clairaudient. I have had dreams that have come true before. I dreamt of things and then perhaps forgot and then I felt like I had deja vu when it happened. Then I wrote down some of my dreams and they actually came true. This is an ability both my grandmother and mother have.
    When I was younger, I always felt very frustrated because of my age. I still do but now because I can't drive and I am unemployed. I have always felt like there was a ticking clock and I had to just *do something*. I beleive this is going to lead me to my true calling in life. My "inner magick" not only stirs, but DEMANDS attention so I feel very anxious most of the time because it is such a powerful force.
    I've had hundreds of past lives I think...I have been told that I had many in England. Farther back in ancient Egypt, and I told you about that.
    Hope this satisfies you and is a sufficient answer because I haven't contributed in a while. :)

  4. i have always seen auras and i sometimes c orbs of light at times and sometimes they look dark and even depressing like bad negative energy and spirits seem somewhat rampant in my town.
    Yes i keep up with dreams and have dreamt several things that come true such as 9/11 and that we would b at war b/c of what happened mostly in lower manhattan in 2001.
    Yes i feel and understand what ur saying about magick and it stirring inside me i feel is the spirit and i can accomplish great things and have used this magic yes

  5. my grandmother is also clairvoyant in her dreams as well and i think she has passed down those abilities 2 me

  6. I feel magick when I read the tarot and insights just come to me regardless of the original/common meaning of the particular card. Great feeling. Also feel a great sense of magick in nature.I am in awe of how beautiful my surroundings are. Last but not least, of course my family.I love to wake up in the morning and see the excitement and anticipation my daughter has on what the new day will bring. Magick is everywhere.

  7. All is a flow the way of inner magic is nothing more or less then becoming one with that flow.

    So many are still unable to feel it, we yet still are part of that flow.