Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tarot Readings

Hey, guys,

Yesterday, I bought my first deck of Tarot cards, The Golden Tarot. It appears as though I have some natural talent already. Last night, I told my grandmother about her past, a time that she did not tell me about and was before I was even born. I do have some psychic abilities, and the Tarot appears to enchance them. I have a new-found love for this field of magick and prophecy. I want you guys to tell me about your times with Tarot cards, if the predictions came true, and if they were ever wrong any other time.

Blessed Be.


  1. I told you mine already, LOL.

  2. Sometimes the tarot communicates to the reader in odd ways. However, we must remember that it may do so because there is an external force that is connected to the tarot (any way that you look at it).

    One incident that is an example of this "odd communication" occurred when I was around a huge group of friends a long time ago. One guy in the group was named "John". Well this particular John always got a certain tarot card for "himself". It was the Prince of Swords. In addition, within the group, there was a lady named Barb. ell, Bard asked my tarot who was going to be her next great love - who was he, did she know him, what was he like , etc. She got two cards - the Lover's card and the Prince of Swords. Obviously, the group suspected John as being Barb's next lover. Months and months later, Barb met another "John" over the internet. The cards were trying to say that she would meet a guy named "John" and that he would act alot like the John that we all knew. The tarot cards do not always communicate in concrete ways.