Monday, April 20, 2009

How Do You See The Horned God?

So many people have confused the horned God, or Pan, the peaceful nature God, with Satan. Although I do not work with Pan at this time, that's not to say that I won't. Many people don't realize that the Christians took him from the Pagan culture before them and made him into Satan as an enemy for their God and mankind. But in reality, Pan came down to Arcadia to help people, an aid to mankind, after Zeus banned him from Olympus for being annoying. But Pan never started a war with Zeus, or God as he would be known today, Zeus was actually annoyed by Pan's flute and made him leave heaven. This is where the Christians got their Satan concept and made it into their own story. Pan or the Horned God has never been evil or an enemy of mankind in history.

I see Pan as an awesome nature God. How do you see him? What and who is he to you? Have you had any magickal experiences, workings and/or successful relationships with Pan? Please feel free to tell your story. Of all the beautiful, magickal and enchanting spirits in nature, I am sure the Wiccan tales are endless.

Also, many people see the God and Goddess as part of our own spirits. It is not only a Christian concept that the spirit of God is in us all, it's also Pagan and Wiccan. Do you think that the divine dwells within us all? I believe that the spirits and magick of the God and Goddess shines in us. Be sure to include what you think.

Blessed Be.
Christopher Aldridge.


  1. I see the Horned God as virile. Have you ever wanted to know where the phrase "I'm horny," came from? It comes form the association of horned animals with sex and sexual prowess. So the horned God is both the God most associated with Fire in my mind. The Sex and Chaos elements. Power and Energy.

    If you wanted to work with the Horned Ones, it'd be a great time if you were trying to win a competition, seduce someone or be a better lover between the covers.

    My goodness, I think I'm gettin the vapors...

  2. Okay. The way I see the Horned God, is from a certain point of veiw. The God, Lord, or Male aspect in my beliefs is that of a stag horned God who is the consort to the the Goddess. This is also found in Greek history in the story of Diana and her bow ;). The stag represents the male fertility, as said above. He is at his strongest at this time now, before, during and after Beltane. Blessed Be )O(

  3. I have a special affinity with Cernunnos, The Great Horned God of Witches because I was born on the Winter Solstice Eve at the height of his reign during The Yule. It was he who came to me first, not the goddess. His consort, The Great Horned Goddess of Witches, Hecate, came to me second. According to the Catholic religion I was raised in, I worship the Devil because Cernunnos was bastardized by the church into being Satan. But I remain unfazed by this and am a staunch follower, especially in his role as The Green Man. Cernunnos is the god of the hunt, survival and agriculture as well as panic, annihilation and mayhem. Little is really know about him other than a drawing found on a cave wall. Wicca relegates him to a secondary position to the goddess which I totally disagree with, especially when they turn Imbolc into a celebration of Brigid when it is still the time of The God, which is from Samhain to Oestara. I think The God is just as important as The Goddess which is why I choose my own path as a solitary rather than join a Wiccan coven.

  4. I had a friend named Brett who killed himself about three years ago. One thing that the experience lead me to was a connection between my perceptions on Christianity and my faith in Pan. Brett had his "going away party" (what are they called again?), in a church with stained glass windows everywhere. The stained glass windows had a sheppard on it. Pan was the god of the sheepherders. In addition, there was a five pointed star in the stained glass, representing the north star. However, in the metaphysics we know this as all four elements and spirit. Finally, there was an image of a sun that poured out light and the minister preached of how God is a part of everything. Pan as the Horned god represents masculine force, sometimes represented by the sun! Pan by definition, means a part of everything, the big picture (basically). Pan is a hidden "part" of the Christian church.

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  6. In the most ancient of times, when the night sky was not screened from us by reflection of electrically powered light, the stars seemed much brighter than they do today. Northern latitudes spent much of the winter day was in darkness and the wise men and priests were able to see that some unique stars did not set below the horizon and rotated around the ‘pole’ position in the sky.
    This group of stars gave birth to the idea of God in a variety of aspects and to his or her home in the heavens.
    The stories that the priests told of these aspects of God and ‘the horned one’ were strong and powerful and included allegories about the birth of mankind and the Paradise that we all aspire to. So strong were these stories that they transcended time as they were passed from parent to child and were prosecuted by chains of fervent religious fanatics. They formed the basis for organised religions whose doctrines have been violently evangelised throughout history. So strong have been these movements that today there exist ‘believers’ who continue to forcefully promote their orthodoxy in the name of ‘God’ and ‘Truth’.
    'The God Secret' shows clear and irrefutable evidence of these astronomical irreligious origins. It illustrates links to the popular and enduring myths and exposes much of popular ‘belief’ as questionable at best and gobbledegook at worst.