Sunday, March 15, 2009

Candle Magick

I know mostly every Wiccan has done some form of candle magick, so I want you guys to tell me about yours, the one you enjoyed the most. Tell of your success or failure in it. I have been kind of sad that I haven't been getting a response from all of my followers on my posts, and so I figured that I would post a discussion that mostly every Wiccan has done. So come tell me about your candle magick, what you use it for, how effective it is, were there any paranormal or magickal experiences? Etc.

I look forward to hearing from all of you.
Blessed Be.


  1. I have only had success with any kind of candle magick because my element is fire, and connect with it deeply. There have been times I have felt so connected, I feel as though I could get lost in the flame itself. )O(

  2. Candle magick is like anything else: a) how much you get out of it depends on how much you put into it, and b) intention is everything. Well ... normally that is the case, anyhow.

    A good example are the use of exceptional creations within the realm of candle magick. For example, one can MAKE his/her own hand dipped candles with corresponding herbs and oils to the candles "intended" purpose. Always remember that one of the most important things in magick is *intention*. Naturally, using your own hand made candles in your own magickal activities prevents "soiling" of the magickal energy within the circle.

    Now, don't get me wrong. Some people make and sell magickal candles for other people to use in his/her spell or ritual. I've known some of these creations to be useful in my own spell/ritual. But the ultimate question is ... is this practical on a "magickal energy level"? Does the candle-makers energy "jive" with your own? If you do not know, can't feel it, or you don't think so ... stop there. Do not do the spell/ritual until you either find resources with harmonic energy to your own or until you want the object of your magickal desires enough to put extra effort into the activity and make the candle yourself. In effect, we come full circle - back to the most important subjects within candle magick - effort and intention.

  3. hey this is michelle, I just wanted you to know i have also been attacted and also got rid of the entity myself. It was this last year I was attact it scared me to death. I was held down and could not breath.
    My x boyfreind was right next to me, he told me he was ment to be with me becasue he did not believe in god bla bla i thought he went nuts to be honest with you. one night I thought he was holding me down once i got up i looked over he was asleep. This was my first phsycial attack. I knew he had to go. He worshiped the dark side he told me later when i brought it up and said he did not belive in god , now what dark side he did not specify, I did not know this I went to his house once and his bedroom was cood. I seen it looked like eyes. he told me oh its the neighbors lights i knew, i seen and felt this before, i prayed and prayed until the coldness went away. I tell you I never went back. It was not long after I l left him. He told me he put a red dragon on his leg it was me he said. That hurt me. I will never from that day be with anyone. My spirtual name is phoenix. why two people called me this in my life my son,who is an artist, and one man that was inlove with me long ago. He described it as a free bird soaring high above and beautiful and could see things others could not. and that is what I can do. Thank you for saying It was not my fault for the spirts picking me out, and telling me its my fault. I was so young, it has been a long travel ever since I can remember, and it is in our family my aunt has this, my grandmother and grandfather it is all in our family tree. After my dad got older and didnt care to be different he told me. But, he credized me my hole life so did the rest and they still do even with my multiple sclerosis my family abadonon me but my kids my mom and dad. and ofcoarse the people here thank you friend. blessed be michelle